In her work, Sara Badr Schmidt combines different techniques and media, from painting to photography, video, textile and screen printing. Images and texts, light and matter, sound and touch are interwoven in the form of installations. She reflects on the cohabitation between cultures, on the unresolved problem of territorial belonging, on the political and social identity of places, on the possibility or dream of a balance and cohabitation between peoples, regardless of violated borders. Her projects question the limits of borders but also the enrichment of different cultures.  She proposes another reading of the geographical and temporal borders between countries through their skies and languages. Her works underline the reality and absurdity of borders. They also address the limits of the body and its environment, thus questioning the place of each individual. Both poetic and political, Sara Badr Schmidt’s works attempt to convey the bipolar relationship between beauty and tragedy. 


Toile de maître au mètre

Paintings and Drawings

Sensory Objects