Sara Badr Schmidt’s artistic practice combines various techniques and media. Her creations blend images and texts, light and materials, sound and touch. In her art, she explores the coexistence of cultures, the unresolved complexities of territorial identity, the sociopolitical essence of places, and the aspiration for peaceful coexistence among peoples, transcending borders. Her projects challenge the conventional notion of boundaries while celebrating the enrichment that results from the interaction of different cultures. She offers a contemplative reflection on the impact of geographical borders and humanity’s complex relationship with the environment. Her works strikingly illustrate the harsh reality and inherent absurdity of these borders, highlighting the limits of the human body in relation to its surroundings, prompting deep contemplation of one’s place and belonging.In a harmonious fusion of poetry and politics, Sara Badr Schmidt’s art strives to capture the intricate dance between beauty and tragedy, offering a unique perspective on these fundamental aspects of human existence.

Circuit Invisible


Toile de Maître au Mètre

Whisper and Scream


I Want

Unframed – Mickey in all its states