Toile de Maitre au Mètre

Sara Badr Schmidt brings art into our daily lives through sensory works, especially textiles. Pieces that are as much about function as they are about personal expression. They question the traditional applications of materials. Each of these works tells a specific story in a poetic way, opening the door to the imagination. When she discovered the craft of rug making, she decided to integrate it into her creative vocabulary. Tailor-made rugs that appeal to the different senses, visual and tactile. The design initiated by a drawing or a painting, the dyeing of the fibres reproduced by eye according to the colours she creates and the selection of materials, all contribute to the creation of unique and artistic rugs. These creations are often the object of a particular order, occasionally being the object of a limited series. Contemporary works combined with ancestral manufacturing make these pieces a bridge between the past and the present for an art object of tomorrow’s world. The textile works become part of everyday life and thus an integral part of the family history.
Grid - silk screen printing, 50 x 300
The Chair / Face Back - silk screen printing, 160 x 300
Flying Butter / Still Still / Quidam - silk screen printing, 150 x 50