Paris – Stockholm – Beirut

Sara Badr Schmidt, visual artist born in Stockholm. Swedish and Lebanese, she has lived between Lebanon, France and Sweden. She currently lives and works in Paris. 

Her approach is poetic and inclusive, in order to arouse emotions and questions. Abolishing limiting borders is her wish. To make the spectator an actor, by cancelling the border between the work and the individual, whether through immersive installations during exhibitions or functional works with which an appropriation is established. In her work, the various senses, whether sight, touch or hearing, are often called upon. 

Her ideas are expressed mainly in paintings, photographs, videos and functional works. Her work has been shown in Paris, Beirut, Milan and New York. Her works reflect on the impact of geographical boundaries and the relationship of man to his environment. The functional works, in turn, embody her desire to bring art back into our daily lives, transforming it into a sensory experience.