Sara Badr Schmidt is a visual artist of Swedish and Lebanese origin living in Paris. The diversity of her background is reflected in her art, which focuses primarily on the issue of cultural coexistence and the complexities of territorial identity. Seeking to provoke a dialogue, an emotion, with the observer, her works speak of connection, enrichment in diversity, interaction, both in their messages and in their forms, mixing different genres, materials and techniques.

For Sara Badr Schmidt, art is directly inspired by life and the real world, modifies them and is, in turn, modified by them. 

Her textile compositions, her installations, her paintings and her work in general reflect this vision, consciously translated in a poetic way that intuitively leads to personal reflection.

« Take two worlds that are completely different from one another, the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales and the wars that are tearing apart the Middle East, and look for possible connections between the two. Seemingly there are none. But Sara Badr Schmidt is an artist who forms connections where the common mortal only sees walls and borders … Sara Badr Schmidt’s aesthetic choice here is paradoxical: she depicts violence with gentleness, the red of blood with the blue of the sky, the rain of bombshells with the flight of birds. She is not trying to contend with what so many other artists have done, piling up corpses, showing ruins, and photographing mutilated and injured bodies. She avoids bloody expressionism and adopts subdued symbolism. She recreates the war with an image of conceivable happiness. It is this intention that makes her work so powerful: the eye is at first unarmed.» 

Pascal Bruckner