Spring – Painting

These paintings are an interpretation of texts, some by Jacques Prevert, to express a quest for freedom and the unknown.
Here, the notions of infinity and repetition are explored. A treasure hunt in which the child in all of us reflects in paintings that can be endlessly recomposed.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who waited, searched, chased this bird that she was. Try to find me, try to catch me.

À la folie - oil on canvas, triptyque, 240 x 80 cm
Birdie She 2 - oil on canvas, 160 x 80 cm

Once upon a time there was a first cry, the beginning of a rebirth.

Day Zero - oil on canvas, 240 x 80 cm

Once upon a time, family portraits were nailed to walls like butterflies, waiting to be consoled.

Who's who - oil on canvas, polyptyque, 150 x 150cm