Golden Dust

Materials: Himalayan wool, bamboo and metallic fiber

Density: 150 000 knots/m²

The Golden Project is a set of graphic textile works created in resonance with the Cloud rug.  Four pieces make up this serie: Golden Sun, Golden Lines, Golden Dust, Golden Path.

This project mixes different sources of inspiration from ancient civilizations, a Chinese proverb, a solar observatory represented on the floor of the cathedral of Palermo and a symbolic thought from classical antiquity.

Golden Dust illustrates the sentence that appears on the rug placed a few meters away, Golden Lines: “The infinite is a square without corners.

In its center, a square with rounded edges radiates, allegory of the sun of Golden Sun.

All around, like a golden dust, small squares clump together to finally form the central square.

The deep orange background brings a vibrant base to this dance of particles.