Behind the scenes

Each rug is tailor-made to fit a specific location, allowing the artist to take into account the unique elements that characterise it in his or her creative process, such as the dimensions of the space, the distribution of furniture, the light, the desired use and the personality and history of its occupants.

The study of the location, the simulation of different proposals, the development of the chosen concept, the choice of materials and colours and the creation of samples are the essential preliminary stages that guarantee an optimal result.

Quality and ecological considerations are at the heart of Sara Badr Schmidt’s textile works, which are woven only by manufacturers who respect a traditional and ethical method of production. Everything is done by hand, from spinning to dyeing, weaving and finishing.

The very high density used guarantees the quality of the object, and also means that the designs are finished with the utmost precision. These works are made exclusively from natural materials such as silk, cashmere, alpaca, Himalayan wool and plant fibres, giving them a lively visual appearance while guaranteeing a texture of the utmost comfort.