Behind the scenes

Quality and ecological consideration are at the heart of the manufacture of Sara Badr Schmidt’s textile works.

Customization, a major asset: in the creation of the rugs, all the elements of interior architecture are taken into account, the dimensions of the space, the distribution of furniture, the light, the uses.

The study of the place, the setting in situation of various proposals, the development of the selected concept, the drafting of a dimensioned plan, the creation of material and color samples are the preliminary stages which guarantee an optimal result.

The rugs are made in Nepal, Peru and France exclusively in factories that respect an artisanal and ethical manufacturing method. Everything is done manually, the spinning of the materials, the dyeing, the weaving and the finishing, thus making each rug an original piece.

The very high knotting density used guarantees the quality of the rug and enables a very high precision in the finishing of the design.

The rugs are exclusively composed of natural materials such as silk, cashmere, alpaca, Himalayan wool, bamboo and nettle fibers, which gives them a lively visual aspect while guaranteeing a texture of the greatest comfort.

It is the balance between an innovative design, a traditional quality manufacturing and the choice of noble materials which makes each rug one of a kind.