Beauty tips

In addition to its visual and sensory qualities, the rug is a formidable thermal and sound insulator. It is also anti-static.

A handmade rug offers exceptional durability. It can be cleaned and repaired indefinitely.

Vacuum at medium power with a smooth brush to prevent dust from accumulating and choking the fiber.

Do not hesitate to walk on the carpet, it is made for!

In the first weeks of a carpet’s life, lint can form. It is a guarantee of quality, remove them with a brush or vacuum them.

Threads can protrude, do not pull on them, cut them.

The fibers are dyed manually with natural pigments, color variations are normal and contribute to the uniqueness of the carpet.

Turn the mat regularly to even out exposure to light and to diversify the areas of friction.


We are never safe from an accident, don’t panic!

Absorb the liquid with a soft white cloth or remove the material with a utensil if it is solid.

Dab, never rub, from the outside to the inside. You can use a mixture of water and white vinegar / mild soap or a fabric stain remover by testing a small area first. Always rinse with lukewarm water from the outside to the inside. Dry as quickly as possible then vacuum to lift the fibers.

Enjoy your rug !