Golden Lines

Materials: silk and metallic fiber

Density: 300 000 knots/m²

The Golden Project is a set of graphic textile works created in resonance with the Cloud rug. Four pieces make up this serie: Golden Sun, Golden Lines, Golden Dust, Golden Path.

This project mixes different sources of inspiration from ancient civilizations, a Chinese proverb, a solar observatory represented on the floor of the cathedral of Palermo and a symbolic thought from classical antiquity.

Golden Lines, a page of paper torn out on which one can see the golden lines of a writing sheet.

At the corner of this page is an ancient Chinese proverb: “The infinite is a square without corners.”

The rug is made of silk, the brilliance of this material allowed to reproduce the particularly subtle color of eucalyptus leaves, shades of green, grey and blue.

The edges of this rug are cut to suggest a torn sheet of paper.

This rug is made in an exceptional knot of 300,000 knots/m², which allows for the precision of the letters.