Golden Sun

Materials: Himalayan wool and metallic fiber

Density: 150 000 knots/m²

The Golden Project is a set of graphic textile works created in resonance with the Cloud rug. Four pieces make up this serie: Golden Sun, Golden Lines, Golden Dust, Golden Path.

This project that unfolds through the rooms of a Parisian apartment, mixes different sources of inspiration from ancient civilizations, a Chinese proverb, a solar observatory represented on the floor of the cathedral of Palermo and a symbolic thought from classical antiquity.

Golden Sun, a sun shines in the center of the rug and echoes the Cloud rug placed a few meters away.
This rug illustrates an idea from classical antiquity that associates in a triad the sun, the heart and gold, entities synonymous with each other.
It also draws its inspiration from the design of a solar observatory that appears on the floor of the cathedral of Palermo.
The central sun is framed by lines of copper fiber and black wool, a motif found also on Golden Path, another piece in the Golden Project series.