Cose Naturali

Materials : silk, cashmere and Himalayan wool

Density : 300 000 knots/m²

Foliage, flowers, natural elements, “Cose Naturali” is a tribute to one of the favorite themes of art since the 16th century and especially of the Dutch masters, the still life. To evoke the effects of transparency and depth of painting, a combination of materials, silk, wool and cashmere was used. A very dense knotting also contributes to the quality of the final result. The making of this carpet was similar to that of a painting, with touches of color being added as the eye felt it, working on the volumes that seem to be in three dimensions.
The touch is of great richness, the tangle of silk, cashmere and wool creating a contrasting and subtle sensation reinforced by the height of the carpet which brings a comfort without equivalent.