Materials : Bamboo fibre and wool

Density : Tuft, high density

Specially designed to be in a place with a view of the sky, «Cloud» is a dialogue between the ground and the sky.

The commission was to imagine a rug for an empty space located in front of a large bay window. The latter opening on the sky, Sara Badr Schmidt had the idea to reproduce on a rug, a cloud that she had painted on a canvas.

Oil paint has very particular characteristics. These qualities had to be reproduced with fibers. The challenge was to reinterpret a detail of an oil painting into a textile work. It is the balance between innovative design, traditional quality manufacturing and the choice of noble materials that makes this rug unique. The bamboo and wool fibers have been dyed according to the colors of the painting, in a subtle palette of blue shades. The blue wool sky gradually evolves into the white bamboo cloud to reproduce the depth of the sky and the brightness of the clouds, vectors of light. The rug was trimmed to a minimum to maintain a soft, vaporous cloud-like appearance. A craftsman capable of visually interpreting a design was specially appointed by the manufacture to carry out this work. A close collaboration between the artisan took place, with many exchanges and tests until the final result was achieved, transforming an oil painting into a textile work.