Golden Path

Materials: Cashmere, silk, Himalayan wool and metallic fiber

Density: 300 000 knots/m²

The Golden Project is a set of graphic textile works created in resonance with the Cloud rug.  Four pieces make up this serie: Golden Sun, Golden Lines, Golden Dust, Golden Path.

This project mixes different sources of inspiration from ancient civilizations, a Chinese proverb, a solar observatory represented on the floor of the cathedral of Palermo and a symbolic thought from classical antiquity.

Golden Path accompanies the footsteps through the corridor that serves the private part of the apartment.

A central line in metallic bronze fiber inspired by the graphic of a solar observatory that appears on the floor of the cathedral of Palermo, crosses this rug made of three parts that fit together like a puzzle.

Nine small golden squares punctuate the path to finally constitute a large square, final point of the path. A third part branches off into the dressing area with nine other small golden squares in its center.

A subtle gradient underlines the perspective of this place of passage. The wool gradually gives way to silk and finally cashmere takes over in the part that leads to the dressing room.

In addition to being visual, this progression of materials transforms the crossing of this rug into a sensory experience.