Follow the line – Petit Poucet

Materials: Himalayan wool and eucalyptus fiber

Density: 150 000 knots/m²

A random line or string entangles and overlaps indefinitely, resulting in a shape. Simultaneously, fun, refined and understated, the different variations of Follow the line are abstract or figurative.

Follow the line / Petit Poucet is inspired by the pebbles we pick up while walking in the forest or on the beach. In the middle of a multitude of pebbles, the eyes are fixed on a particular stone. It is different from the others, we can’t really say why. One feels an irresistible urge to put it in one’s pocket, without knowing what to do with it. It is this human experience, almost inscribed in the collective memory, that I tried to retranscribe in this serie of rugs. 

Petit Poucet is another way of thinking about the functional sensory work. This series of rugs, actually composed of one or more elements, can be adapted to the needs of the moment and of each person. Thanks to their format, they can be easily integrated into any environment. They are easy to use and mobile: either laid out like a path in a corridor or stacked on top of each other to form a small sculpture, they can be scattered on the ground to make a temporary seat. As with all the rugs in the Follow the Line series, the material has been designed to be as soft as possible, providing warmth and comfort.

The colours are worked to obtain the most natural and mineral shades possible.