Borderless – Photo

Sara Badr Schmidt reduces the genre to its broadest common denominator: the sky. To create the Borderless series, the artist simply photographed swathes of blue pierced by the indecipherable profusion of clouds. The skies, captured on various journeys, are printed on canvas and transposed into light boxes. The abstract forms of the highest spheres are transcribed in several languages: “Arrabbiata”, “Lagom”, “Hello”, simple words that contextualise these aerial paintings. For Sara Badr Schmidt, each sky has its own vocabulary. The images, plastically objective, are thus enhanced by memory words. The borderless landscape is nevertheless linked to one of the strongest components of the territory: language. The balance between ideal form and verb gives Borderless a limitless power of suggestion. In concrete terms, the works are frameless, spreading an aura, a halo, an atmosphere around them. more

Borderless, Jezzine, Lebanon, July 2003, photography
I Have A Dream, New York, USA, April 2004, photography
0°, Cortina, Italy, February 2008, photography
Acqua, Corsica, France, August 2008, photography
Arrabiatta, Lago Maggiore, Italy, August 2007, photography
Hello, Paris, France, May 2009, photography
Kof, Taroudant, Marocco, France, October 2009, photography
Lagom, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2007, photography
Nowhere-Everywhere, Paris-Stockholm, December 2008, photography
What's Up ?, The Alps, France, March 2010, photography
Allégresse, Paris, France, June 2010, photography
Abracadabra, La Garde Freinet, France, April 2012, photography
Ene, Indian Ocean, January 2011, photography
Vibrant, Hong Kong, China, October 2011, photography
Wall, Bejing, China, October 2011, photography
Blunda Och Lyssna, Dalarö, Sweden, August 2010, photography
Asafu, Agadir, Morocco, February 2016, photography
Cut, Above the Sea, March 2016, photography
Empty, New York, USA, January 2015
Eurêka, Syracuse, Italy, August 2015, photography
Il Sole Non Si Muove, Tuscany, Italy, August 2015, photography
Mind The Gap, London, Great Britain, March 2014, photography
Paseo Azul, Seville, Spain, October 2016, photography
Once Upon A Time You Where Reading And Smiling, New York, USA January 2015, photography
Smultronställe, Gotland, Sweden, August 2016, photography
Suspension, Alps, Switzerland, January 2016, photography
Témoin, Paris, France, January 2015, photography
Annapurna, Nepal, April 2015, photography
Tempo Suspenso, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2012, photography
Sawa, Beirut, Lebanon, February 2012, photography