Mickey dans tous ses états

Artcurial – Paris

Juillet – Septembre 2006
Group exhibition

Curators: Nathalie Boulakia, Jessy Mansuy-Leydier

The exhibition “Mickey dans tous ses états”, presents to the public the creations of about thirty contemporary artists, all inspired by the famous mouse Mickey Mouse. Childhood memory or emblem of a hyper-consuming American society, Mickey does not leave artists indifferent today. Mickey has become a universal value, both sentimental and cultural.

Sara Badr Schmidt’s work is like her, full of contrasts, navigating between frank and nuanced colors, between personal and universal, between visible and invisible. On her paintings, words and sentences allow a double reading. Thus, with “Unframed”, the visitor becomes part of a dialogue, he finds himself integrated into the canvas. This work presents a Mickey, an animated character confronted with emblematic characters from the history of art, but immobile, locked in their frame, thus becoming unreal, frozen, the stripes of the background symbolizing the bars of a prison that glory only consolidates. (Extract from the catalog of the exhibition ‘Mickey dans tous ses états’.)