Reflection / Colorshot

Designed to be hung, it is composed of textile and stained glass.

Inspired by a painting from the Italian Trecento and taking up the characteristics of stained glass, Reflection / Colorshot is the abstract and contemporary interpretation of a visual from the past.

It is a work that I wanted to be lively and silky, juxtaposing bold colours declined in various materials such as glass, silk and wool.

The image of the viewer is reflected in it, interspersed with the textile parts, and is tinted according to the colours of the stained glass.

A priori a functional object as a mirror, one quickly realizes that it is only an illusion, the reflected image being tinted and distorted. 

Eyelets affixed in a symmetrical way on the perimeter allow to orientate the hanging of the work according to one’s desire.

Reflection / Colorshot is my homage to the know-how of art and craft, associating the work of Arthylae for the glass and the Robert Four Manufacture in Aubusson for the textile. 

Hand-blown glasses, cut from templates and silvered, have been inserted on the textile part composed of silk and wool dyed to measure and tufted by hand.

Materials: silk, wool and silver hand-blown glass

Limited edition of 8 pieces

The particularities of the blown glass and the textile make each piece unique