Press – Muuuz

May 2022
Photo: Nina Slavcheva

A tennis ? Smash : the latest creation by Sara Badr Schmidt

Sara Badr Schmidt, visual artist and creator of custom-made rugs, puts tennis in the spotlight with this creation Smash, a nod to fans of the clay court game. Like a tennis court that delimits playing areas, Smash defines a space.

 Its ochre colour anchors it in an earthy materiality while its white lines structure the whole. In order to obtain a clear and precise result for the drawing of the dotted line, Sara uses a particular technique of carving, cutting the fibre on the outline of the figures. In addition to this methodical work on the form, she pays particular attention to the elaboration of the colour in order to reproduce the hue and appearance of the clay.Its originality confers a playful dimension to the room in which it is placed, and it invites you to play with the representation of the world of tennis. Thanks to the creativity of Sara Badr Schmidt, the rug becomes an object with infinite possibilities.

Willing to produce pieces that can be preserved over time, Sara became aware of the great creative challenges of the rug when she discovered the craft of textiles. A beautiful way to create works for the home, with exceptional materials, capable of being passed on over several generations. Swedish and Lebanese, she is influenced by her multicultural background and inspired by the different worlds she comes across. Her textile project is part of an ambitious desire to push back the boundaries between art and design a little further. Sara appropriates design through textiles and gives life to innovative and unique graphics. Through her artistic vision, she transcends reality to pay homage to the living with a bold and playful approach to shapes. Sara’s creations convey an art of living, a philosophy of existence that is echoed in the color, material and shapes.