Press – First Luxe

March 2022
by Frédérique de Granvilliers
Photo: Nina Slavcheva

Chakra, a rug signed Sara Badr Schmidt x Inata that makes our senses travel.

Among the many proposals of this very successful Paris Déco Off celebrating the best of interior design, we had a big crush on Chakra, the result of the collaboration between the artist Sara Badr Schmidt and Inata, publisher of exceptional alpaca rugs (to be discovered until Sunday, March 27 at 6:30 pm, 29 rue Mazarine, Paris 6 è). An alliance between creativity and know-how for a product with a unique design, produced in very small series.

Chakra invites you to relax for a journey of the senses, a moment of renewal. The shape, the dimensions, the composition, the materials used have been studied to allow the eyes to get lost in the color and the body to relax in contact with the carpet.

Spiritual and creative, Sara conceived this carpet as a painting, which rebalances the energies. Chakra can be hung on the wall for a meditative contemplation and placed on the floor for a suspended time, a deep relaxation of the body. Imagined in human size, all in length, Sara wished to make of this carpet-object, a piece that refocuses the vibration of the chakras. A work in adequacy with the yogic values that the artist shares.

The eye travels through the meanders and depths of color. The body appropriates the softness and the mellowness of the material. Tone on tone of ecru, the carpet is in alpaca and silk; in the center unfolds a gradation of colors symbolizing the progression of the chakras through the energy centers.

Attentive to the environment and to the choice of materials, Sara chose alpaca, a natural, hypoallergenic fiber that provides maximum comfort, durability and respects the environment. From there was born the meeting with Inata, which proposes the Roll’s of the alpacas.

Concerned about producing pieces that will last over time, Sara became aware of the tremendous creative challenges of the carpet when she discovered the textile craft. A beautiful way to create works for the home, with exceptional materials, capable of being passed on for several generations.

As for La Maison Inata, with which Sara collaborates, it was born from the passion of its founder for alpaca, a fiber as rare as it is exceptional. Since 2014, it offers an exclusive textile production, from the best Alpaqueros, carefully selected at the top of the Peruvian Altiplano. Composed of luxurious and 100% natural raw materials, their collections also and above all testify to the richness of a miraculously preserved craft, that of weaving, transmitted by women from generation to generation. Plaids, cushions, fabrics and custom-made carpets are thus available in exceptional colors and materials to meet the requirements of the most prestigious interior architects and designers… and artists like Sara Badr Schmidt.

Swedish and Lebanese, she is influenced by her multicultural background and inspired by the different worlds she comes across. Her textile project is part of an ambitious desire to push back the boundaries between art and design a little further. Sara appropriates design through textiles and gives life to innovative and unique graphics. Through her artistic vision, she transcends reality to pay homage to the living with a bold and playful approach to shapes. Sara’s creations convey an art of living, a philosophy of existence that is echoed in color, materials and shapes. It is superb!

Chakra, signed limited edition of 50 pieces, in alpaca and silk.
Dimensions: 2 x 1m, thickness 18 mm, rivets for hanging. Price : 4 090 €.