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June 2022
Photo: Nina Slavcheva

Ideas to pick up, new trends to adopt or decoration spots to discover, the #ELLEdécoCrush of June prepares us for summer.

As we begin to leave our homes to invest little by little in the outdoors, as the days grow longer and the good weather seems to stabilize, we take the opportunity to reenchant our daily lives. With summer approaching, leave sad colors and strict shapes. Classics, sometimes boring, give way to acidulous or rounded variations. Seats are curved, lights are stretched and dishes are softened. The graphics invite themselves on our walls with wallpapers letting our creativity speak. Storage is smart and warm, tableware is playful and our sinks are now in original tones. A fresh and summery wind is blowing through our house.


We don’t hesitate to put some glitter in our lives with the unusual creations signed Shourouk Rhaiem. The artist revisits everyday objects by upgrading them with Swarovski rhinestones. Nature lovers will stop by the Tuileries Gardens in Paris for “Jardins, jardin”. They may also fall for designer pots and vases and if they lack a green thumb, but have a craving for plants, they will succumb to a bouquet of eternal flowers to assemble yourself. Finally, we also have fun deceiving the mind. Right in line with the pretend trend in decorating, we throw our lot in with an XXL carpet to believe we’re on the clay floor of the French Open for a moment, or with ceramic tiles displaying a cheeky blue sky, a promise of good weather all year round.