Once upon a time

Parcours Saint-Germain – Paris

Juin 2008
Press Release
Sara Badr Schmidt takes part in the 6th edition
of the Parcours Saint-Germain
from Thursday May 29 to Thursday June 19, 2008

The creations of Sara Badr Schmidt, born of a Swedish mother and a Lebanese father, are naturally influenced by her atypical background. Cosmopolitan at heart, she lives her works as she crosses the world: without borders.

Her last exhibition entitled Renaissance in April 2008 at the Langlet gallery, allowed the Parisian public to discover her universe, through her paintings, photographs, video and installations.

The Parcours Saint-Germain has selected the work of Sara Badr Schmidt for its sixth edition. “Once upon a time”, the theme of this edition, is available in all languages, immediately captures the attention and opens the doors of the imagination, thus abolishing those borders which are at the heart of Sara Badr Schmidt’s work.

Far from the beaten track of contemporary formalism, Sara Badr Schmidt draws on her pluri-culture to take us into her personal and universal world, transforming the visit to her exhibition into a timeless journey anchored in the 21st century.more