Materials: bamboo fiber, linen and Himalayan wool

Density: 150 000 knots/m²

Organic and tactile, ”Moss” is the visual continuation of the outdoor garden inside the room.

Inspired by a childhood drawing, I used the marks of time visible on the edges of the leaf, or the fading of the ink over the years as essential elements of the design. Imitating moss, small tufts of different heights and compositions emerge on the flat surface of the rug, a play of heights brings a visual and tactile dimension. The edges are irregular and cracks punctuate the whole.

”Moss” retranscribes the organic texture of the surface of a garden, its roughness and irregularities. To express these particularities, I have exploited all the possibilities offered by hand-knotted rug techniques. Different materials were used, linen for the furrows, a mixture of bamboo and wool for the background and the tufts of moss, in different proportions depending on the place. The colors, variations of greens, required a subtle work of dyeing the threads, assembled in a unique way in each section of the rug.