Materials: cashmere, silk and mirrored hand-blown glass

Colorshot Mirror, a variation of the work Colorshot, is made of textile and glass, manufactured by the Manufacture Robert Four in Aubusson for the textile and Arthylae for the glass.

Inspired by an Italian Trecento painting and taking up the characteristics of stained glass, Colorshot Mirror is the abstract retranscription of a visual of the past in a resolutely contemporary image.

Colorshot Mirror is a tribute to the know-how of the craftsmen, associating the work of glass and the weaving of textile. It is a lively and silky work thanks to the juxtaposition of color patches and the use of different materials.

The image of the one who contemplates the work is reflected there, intersected by the textile parts, and is tinted according to the colors of the stained glass.

Eyelets placed symmetrically around the perimeter allow the work to be hung as desired.