or, rather,
a distinction.

This is how best to characterize the paintings of Sara Badr, who is holding
her first exhibit of her work.

It is called Le Circuit:
The circuit of life
Without beginning, without head, without tail.
The spiral of infinity.

For whom words are the music of the image, there is a peephole, too, through which to read Sara Badr’s work from the corner of the eye.

This connecting to that, the intimacy the painter creates with her diptychs is interrupting one’s thoughts to consider this hidden – so well hidden – face of our personalities.

In and out
A chance
Then a wish
A movement
A halt

An exhibit marked by unfinished melodies that stir desire and arouse impatience to
watch the work of Sara Badr well into the future.

Agathe Saint-Girons, artist, décembre 1998
from the catalogue of the exhibition