Materials : alpaca and silk

Density : hand tufted

2 x 1m, rivets for hanging

“Chakra” is the result of my collaboration with Inata, publisher of exceptional alpaca rugs. Creativity and know-how come together for a unique product, produced in a limited serie. 

Journey of the senses, “Chakra” invites relaxation, a moment of rejuvenation. I have studied the shape, dimensions, composition and materials to allow the gaze to travel and the body to relax in contact with the rug. 

Like a painting, “Chakra” can be hanged on the wall for meditative contemplation or droped to the ground for a suspended time, a deep relaxation of the body.

The gaze travels through the meanders and depths of color. The body appropriates the softness and the comfort of the material. 

Subtle shades of white, the background welcomes in the center a gradient of colors symbolizing the progression of the chakras through the energy centers.  

Contemplative work, rest mat, meditation base, each one can appropriate “Chakra” in their own way. 

The rug is 100% alpaca and silk.  Alpaca is a natural, hypoallergenic material that provides maximum comfort and great durability, all while respecting the environment.