Materials: Himalayan wool, bamboo fiber, metallic fiber

Density: 150 000 knots/m²

The design of this rug echoes the environment of the room for which it is intended: large windows overlooking trees and a wooden beam ceiling. While working on the design of this rug, it was obvious for me to reproduce on the floor one of my painting representing branches.

Thus in this large living room, a story is told with wood as the main character, in all its states: the living trees visible from the windows, the logs near the fireplace, the beams on the ceiling. And on the floor, the rug with a pictural representation of branches, which like on a Japanese engraving, seem to have been drawn with ink using a brush, underlined by metallic threads of gold and copper.

The light color of the rug’s background, a mixture of bamboo and wool, adds luminosity to the room, the shimmer of the fibers is modulated throughout the day by the natural light that reflects off them.

Like many of her creations, Branches is a tribute to nature, which is and always will be the motherland of my inspiration.