The quality and ecological consideration are at the forefront in the making of Sara Badr Schmidt’s textile works.

The rugs are mainly made in Nepal, with a vision of increasing the practice of fair trade. We process exclusively with factories which respect the ethical craftsmanship. A close relationship with the manufacturers is important to follow all of the production phases, from the design to the shipping of the products.

The rugs are constructed according to the traditional ancestral technique of hand knotting, Tibetan knotting, with a quality of up to 300 000 knots per m². This extreme density guaranties the quality of the rug and in the same way brings about the possibility of extreme precision in the finish of the designs.

The rugs are exclusively made up of natural and noble material such as silk, cashmere, Himalayan wool, bamboo and banana fibres, which give to the rugs, their unique visual aspect all whilst guaranteeing a texture of the greatest comfort. Every step of the manufacturing is done manually, from the spinning of materials, to the dyes and weaving, up until the finish, making of each rug, a unique piece.