Materials: bamboo fiber, linnen and Himalayan wool

Density: 150 000 knots/m²

Organic and tactile, “Moss” is the continuation of the outside garden into the room. Inspired by a drawing that I did such a long time ago (I was just a little girl), I used the marks of time visible around the edges of the drawing, or the fading of the ink over the years as essential elements in the design this rug.
Mimicking moss, small tufts of different height and composition emerge on the flat area of the rug.
The edges are irregular and cracks punctuate the whole.

“Moss” captures the organic texture of garden floor, its roughness and irregularities.

To express these peculiarities, I have used all the possibilities offered by the techniques of hand-knotted rugs.

At the same time, different materials were used, linen for the crevices, a mixture of bamboo and wool for the background and the tufts of moss, in different proportions depending on the location. A game of different heights also brings a visual and tactile dimension to this rug.

The edges have been intentionally torn to accentuate the organic nature of the surface. The colors, variations on the green, required a subtle work of dyeing the threads which were then uniquely assembled in each section of the carpet.