Borderless – Oltre la Cena en

Borderless – Oltre la Cena

Institut Français di Milano

September 2015

Project T.ART With the support of Fondazione Stelline Partner

This installation aims to create a bridge between the sphere of scientific research, the world of cultural and intellectual production, artistic and technological research and that of communication. It creates interconnections to facilitate intellectual, experimental and experiential exchanges between the different participants, for the development of a common heritage that goes against stereotypes. A visual reflection of The Last Supper through a journey, installations, performances, exhibitions, video portraits and dramatized conversations with cultural actors from different disciplines, art, design, performance, architecture , philosophy and the visual arts. A work in several voices, where each element is orchestrated in a continuous succession of soloist roles and choral symphony. The Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan during EXPO 2015, becomes the showcase of the scenic action, of this unstructured Last Supper. This poli-art is made up of a course of eight acts, which showcase the different elements that make up Leonardo’s Last Supper. The route provides for a moment of exposure and a moment of performance.