Born, Stockholm, 1968 to Swedish and Lebanese parents.
Raised in Lebanon, Sweden and France.

2003 - 2012 PARIS

Visual Arts

2012 (march) - Borderless exhibit at the Agial Gallery, Beirut. Photographs printed on canvas, mounted on light boxes, and two videos. A reflexion on borders and the absence of borders. 2010 (mars) - Participated at Art Paris with Galerie Vanessa Suchar.

2008 (june) - Participated in the Parcours Saint-Germain exhibition based on the theme, Once Upon A Time. Installation at the Saint-Germain Barclays bank featuring paintings, photography, silk screen, video and light boxes.

2008 (march) - Renaissance exhibit at the Galerie Langlet. Site-specific installation. Painting, photography, silk screen, video and light boxes. Words figure increasingly in the work. Each piece starts a story.

2006 - Participated in Mickey dans tous ses états, an exhibit at Artcurial with her piece, Unframed.

Graphic Arts

2003 - Founder and principal of a new graphic design company, Kaissadesign.

1993 – 2002 BEIRUT

Visual Arts

2002 - I Want, an exhibit at the Strange Fruit space, in collaboration with the Galerie Agial. Canvases, video instal- lation and silk-screen paintings. The mise-en-scène is heightened by incorporating the visitor and his shadow into the installation, thus completing it. Toiles du maître au mètre appears, a silk-screened roll of canvas sold by the metre.

1999 - Circuit Invisible, first solo exhibit at the French Cultural Center in Beirut, introduced the elements of her visual signature: site-specific installations, scenography and texts. The exhibit design follows a course along which the visitor climbs stone steps to gain access to a text that isvisible through a peephole inserted in the paintings.

Graphic Arts

1993-2003 - Artistic director, One-Off.

1993 - Artistic director, Femme Magazine.

Founded the One-Off, graphic design firm. 1992 - Graduated top of her class from the E.F.E.T. school of graphic arts in Paris.


2001 - Zupa Inglese exhibit at Artishow in partnership with the British Cultural Center in Beirut. Designed and laid out the exhibit and contributed works.

1997-2002 - Created Artiline, a collection of objects and furniture. Opened Artishow, a concept store that has became a benchmark for design in Lebanon.

1996 - Created the Table Rase project and exhibit, assembling the work of a generation of contemporary Lebanese designers and creative artists at the Beirut French Cultural Center. Designed and laid out the exhibit and contributed works.